EU: grants for researchers engaged in research on European public finances

Call Deadline
16 Jun 2014
European Court of Auditors - European University Institute - Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU)


The European Court of Auditors and the European University Institute (Historical Archives of the European Union), have created a programme of grants for researchers engaged in research on European public finances, in particular their impact on various areas of European society and culture, and on the historical development of the "external control" function in the EU context.

The following are eligible to apply:

  • all current postgraduate students (master’s and doctoral candidates);
  • all postdoctoral researchers or university professors who have completed a master’s degree or doctorate in the past five years preceding the date the application is submitted and who currently hold an academic appointment.

Applicants should be preparing a thesis, dissertation, or scholarly article relating to EU public finances, in one or more of the disciplines of human and social sciences (e.g. history, economics, political sciences, law or public administration).

Research projects presented by postgraduate students or postdoctoral researchers should preferably be directly related to their doctoral or master’s field of research.

In view of the nature of the files concerned, candidates should have a sound knowledge of English and French. Knowledge of other EU languages would be an advantage.

Only individual applications will be considered for the programme.

Candidates may not submit an application with the same research subject on more than two occasions.

Candidates must be nationals of a Member State of the European Union.

These eligibility criteria will be strictly applied.

Beneficiaries and Aims

Enterprise Category
Non Applicabile
Pubblica Amministrazione, Sociale - No Profit - Altro
Places to Invest
  • Europe

Incentives and Expenses

Tipology of Incentive
Premi e Borse

Successful applicants will receive a research grant of 5 000 € to cover all research expenses, including:

  • one round trip between the grant holder’s permanent residence and Florence;
  • accommodation in Florence for the duration of the grant holder's use of the archives.

The grant will be paid in two instalments:

  • a first instalment of 3 000 € at the start of the research, as attested by the Director of the Historical Archives of the European Union;
  • a second instalment of 2 000 € after an essay on the grant holder’s research subject has been submitted to the Selection Committee.


Applications must be sent or postmarked (respectively by e-mail or post) to the Historical Archives of the European Union at the European University Institute by 16 June 2014 at the latest. Confirmation that an application has been accepted will be sent by e-mail one week after it is received.