European EIB Prize 2015

Call Deadline
18 May 2015


he topic for the 2015 EIB Prize is “Economics of Inequality and Economic Growth”. The Prize will be awarded for applied research conducted on the interaction of economic performance/growth and inequality.

 Research may focus on the effect of income and wealth inequality on GDP as well as broader concepts of well-being. Special consideration will be given to work comparing the European experience (including between EU member countries) with that of other large advanced economies.

Nominees for the EIB Prize must be researchers that have made substantial empirical contributions based on solid theoretical foundations in areas covered by the year’s topic. Both awards are open to all economists, with no distinction regarding nationality or place of work.

The Outstanding Contribution Award honours scholars for their lifetime scientific contribution of specific relevance to the prize’s topic, including academic excellence and publication record and impact on public policy or society at large.

The Young Economist Award honours scholars under the age of forty on 31 December 2015. It recognises influential research or a significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge that is of specific relevance to the prize’s topic and demonstrates great promise for the future.

Beneficiaries and Aims

Enterprise Category
Non Applicabile
Sociale - No Profit - Altro
Places to Invest
  • Europe

Incentives and Expenses

Tipology of Incentive
Premi e Borse

The winners will be selected by a jury composed of distinguished scholars and chaired by Nobel Laureate Professor Sir Christopher Pissarides.


Nominations can be submitted between 30 March until 18 May 2015.