Lorenzo Natali Media Prize 2015

Call Deadline
31 Aug 2015
European Commission


Today the European Commission launched the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize 2015, which rewards outstanding contributions by journalists who report on development, and in particular on the eradication of poverty.

This year’s Lorenzo Natali Media Prize, is launched under the motto 'Today's stories can change our tomorrow'. It is timed to coincide with the 2015 European Year for Development and comes just one day after World Press Freedom Day. It gives reporters and amateur journalists in the development community an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their commitment to eradicating poverty worldwide, and inspire people to help improve the lives of those in their own communities.

For the first time ever, this year the Prize will be open to amateur journalists, including bloggers, in a separate category. As witnessed during the Arab Spring, amateur journalism gives people the power to shape public opinion and influence political events.

In many parts of the world, press freedom is undermined and journalists are at risk of attack. The EU is committed to press freedom and recognises the important contribution of journalists to bring about change by exposing injustice and suffering.

Beneficiaries and Aims

Enterprise Category
Non Applicabile
Cultura, Sociale - No Profit - Altro
Sociale - Cooperazione
Places to Invest
  • Europe

Incentives and Expenses

Tipology of Incentive
Premi e Borse

The Lorenzo Natali Media Prize will be awarded to one amateur and one professional journalist from the following five regions: Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Arab World, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as Asia and the Pacific. Each winner will receive a trophy and cash prize of €5,000.

An independent Grand Jury will also consider all the regional winners for the additional €5,000 Grand Prize.


Deadline: 31 August 2015.