EIP AGRI - call for expertsi - Anno 2015

Call Deadline
07 Sep 2015
European Commission


The European Commission is launching a call for experts such as farmers, advisers, scientists and other relevant actors for three new EIP-AGRI Focus Groups.

The purpose of a Focus Group is to explore practical innovative solutions to problems or opportunities and to draw on and share experience gained from relevant innovative projects. The group will discuss and document research results and implications for further research activities that will help to solve practical issues in the sector. Such issues may be related to production, processing, consumption, transport or other areas

The composition of the Focus Groups will be based on the following profiles, while taking into account the different characteristics of the specific challenge/objective at stake and a good balance in the composition of the group (area of expertise, professional capacity and experience, geographical balance, etc.):

  • Experts, such as farmers and advisers, with relevant practical experience and technical knowledge on the topic, who can contribute with practical solutions for problems or opportunities in the field.
  • Experts with a good understanding and experience of the relevant economic situation related to the topic concerned, including market prospects, production costs, supply, manufacturing, and socio-economic impact for farmers.
  • Experts with experience in practical research and innovation actions related to the topic.

The topics to be covered by the three new Focus Groups are:

  • Mixed farming systems: livestock/cash crops
  • Benchmarking of farm productivity and sustainability performance
  • Reducing emissions from cattle farming

EIP Areas

  • Biodiversity, ecosystem services, and soil functionality
  • Food quality, food safety and healthy lifestyles
  • Increased agricultural productivity, output, and resource efficiency
  • Innovation in support of the biobased economy
  • Innovative products and services in the value chain
  • Integrated supply chains: innovative approaches

Beneficiaries and Aims

Enterprise Category
Non Applicabile
Innovazione, Ricerca, Sviluppo, Tutela Ambientale
Places to Invest
  • Europe

Incentives and Expenses

Tipology of Incentive

The EIP-AGRI Service Point provides Travel and Accommodation for Focus Group participants. We can only provide travel by public transportation. For local travel to the train station or the airport we do our best to make proposals within our limits.


Deadline: 7 September 2015 23:59 hrs CET (Brussels time).