EU Budget post 2020 - what's at stake for innovation and creativity

EU budget post 2020For the next long-term EU budget 2021-2027, the European Commission proposes to increase the financial resources in different areas, such as culture, research and innovation, digital economy and cohesion policy. The aim is to ensure the EU growth, while sustaining innovation, creativity and intellectual property protection.

EU budget post 2020 - European Commission proposes a pragmatic plan

Horizon 2020 - a guide to intellectual property protection

Intellectual propertyHow do you protect intellectual property in Horizon 2020 projects?

Intellectual property - counterfeiting costs EUR 60 billion every year

Intellectual property - a guide to bring your ideas to the market

Commercialising intellectual propertyWhat are the best strategies to bring intellectual property to the market? A guide in order to clarify the issues related to the commercialisation of Intellectual Property (IP).

Intellectual property - event in Rome for innovation and creativity 

Intellectual property: tools for protecting your ideas and patent search

Intellectual propertyWhat is intellectual property and how do you protect it? How do you search for patents online? In this article you will find a series of tools, which will give you background information for protecting your ideas and conducting independent patent search.

Horizon 2020 - a guide to intellectual property protection