EU: Prize for SESAR Young Scientist Award 2018

Data chiusura
31 Lug 2018
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European Commission


Prize for SESAR Young Scientist Award 2018.

The Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research and Development (“SESAR”) project aims to modernise the air traffic management (ATM) in Europe and represents the technological pillar of the Single European Sky (SES). It aims to provide the European Union with a high performance air traffic control infrastructure which will enable the safe and environmentally friendly development of air transport.

The SESAR Young Scientist Award 2018 (YSA 2018) aims to recognise young scientists with high potential contributing to the scientific research in the field of air traffic management and aviation. In addition, the award also provides a mechanism for further personal development. 

Any Young Scientist who has contributed to scientific achievements within the area of Air Traffic Management and Aviation within their:

  • Bachelor thesis defended not more than 18 months before the date of publication of the present Call, or   
  • Master thesis defended not more than 18 months before the date of publication of the present Call, or
  • PhD thesis defended not more than 18 months  before the date of publication of the present Call; or 
  • on‐going PhD,  

and who are a citizen or a resident in an EU Member State or an Associated Country4 to the Horizon2020 Research and Development Framework Programme (H2020). 

Beneficiari e Finalitá

Dimensione Beneficiari
Non Applicabile
Innovazione, Ricerca, Sviluppo
Ubicazione Investimento
  • Europe

Incentivi e Spese

Tipologia agevolazione
Premi e Borse

The (up to) three short‐listed applicants of the Young Scientists Award will be invited to attend the SESAR Innovation Days 2018

The SESAR JU will reimburse the short‐listed participants attending the SIDs for their travel and accommodation costs related to the attendance for the entire duration of the SIDs event.

The winner will be publicly announced at the “SESAR Innovation Days” that will take place in Austria at University of Salzburg in December 2018. The winner will receive a prize of EUR 5000. The (up‐to) three short‐listed applicants will receive:  

  • a symbolic trophy,  
  • the opportunity to present their research at certain high profile SESAR events; 
  • the opportunity to have their work publicised via the SESAR JU communication channels;   
  • a written interview and article spotlighting them and their research to be posted on the SESAR JU e‐news and social media.

Tempistica investimento

Deadline for the Submission of application: 31 July 2018.

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