CEF - Connecting Europe Facility

CEFThe Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) supports trans-European networks and infrastructures in the sectors of transport, telecommunications and energy.

By focussing on smart, sustainable and fully interconnected transport, energy and digital networks, the Connecting Europe Facility will help to complete the European single market.

The Connecting Europe Facility includes three thematic sectors:

  1. Energy: CEF aims to close financial gaps and to reduce bottlenecks in the energy infrastructure to contribute to the Europe 2020 objectives. The thematic priorities will be smart grids, intelligent, electricity highways and cross-border CO2 cooperation.
  2. Telecommunication: Digital service infrastructures acts as a platform on which new industries can create innovative applications, and also build digital bridges to facilitate the mobility of citizens and businesses working across borders.
  3. Transport: CEF provides approximately € 23 billion for the modernisation of the European transport infrastructures, the construction of missing links and the removal of bottlenecks. The focus on environmentally-friendly transport will improve the sustainability of the transport systems in Europe.

The CEF will better mobilise private financing and allow for innovative financial instruments such as guarantees and project bonds to gain maximum leverage from this EU funding injection.

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